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Why Nuance Health Care Workers Need An Animal Bite Lawyer In Chicago

Nuance Health Care workers need a Chicago animal bite lawyer in case they suffer injuries caused by animal bite. Animal bites and especially dog bites plague all American cities. They are much more common than you may think, so common that they don’t get the proper coverage in the news because they are not among the sensational facts anymore. But statistics show that dog bite losses in the United States exceed one billion dollars per year. In a city as big as Chicago there are many dog bite cases happening each year. 

More than 350,000 dog bite victims are seen each year in the emergency rooms across the country. Approximately 850,000 dog bite victims receive medical attention each year. Including people who do not seek medical attention for their dog bite, there are around 4.5 million dog bite victims per year in the United States, and these figures are continually rising. This picture is certainly alarming. But the biggest problem is the fact that from such large number of people suffering injuries, only 15,000 to 16,000 of them receive money each year from insurance companies, with only $29,752 average insurance payment for dog bite injuries. This means that out of those 850,000 who receive medical attention every year, only two percent receive financial compensation from the insurance companies.

"ChicagoLawyers" is an attorney firm that specializes in animal bite cases. They can help the employees of Nuance Health Care deal with their dog bite cases and receive the proper financial compensation from the insurance companies. You need to know your rights and protect them. There are laws dealing with the animal bite cases. You need to be aware of the fact that by law, in case of dog bite injuries, dog owners are liable in most states based just on ownership of the dog. Just a minority of American states need the victim of a dog bite to prove that the incident is caused by the dog owner by violating the law on animal control, or through negligence. Fortunately the dog bite victim's legal damages can be covered by insurance policies on general liability covering public entities and businesses, and by dog owners’ insurance policies.

When you get bitten by a dog in the United States, you can usually recover from the dog owner the proper financial compensation, if he doesn’t have insurance, or from his insurance policy. Liability legal grounds depend on court decisions, city ordinances, county and state statutes. Among the grounds are included dog owners’ negligence, statutory liability, as well as the rule for one bite. In some cases, third parties are liable. 

The law states that a dog owner is liable in case that he knew that his dog is prone to bite people. However, it is difficult to use this legal ground, because the victim has to prove that the dog has previously bitten a person, and that the person who owns the dog knew of the dog's tendency to bite without justification. 

In almost every American state across the country, a dog owner is held liable if a biting incident is caused by his negligence. A few common examples of negligence is when a dog owner is allowing his dog to run free, or when he is violating the law on animal control. 

Compensation for the victim

Usually a dog bite can lead to a claim for compensation at least for medical expenses, as statistically the sixth part of the dog bite victims need medical attention. When the person owning the dog is liable and the bite caused serious injuries, either the insurance company or the dog owner needs to financially compensate the victim. 

The dog bite victims may receive financial compensation for a wide range of damages, including treatment and medical expenses, mental suffering, pain, permanent or temporary disability, permanent scarring, loss of employment capacity, loss of income, psychological counseling, loss of quality-of-life, cosmetic services to correct the injury’s appearance, and damaged clothing. "ChicagoLawyers" attorney firm can help the employees of Nuance Health Care to receive the proper financial compensation from the insurance companies. In order to ensure that you will get dog bite financial compensation, the victim need to file a complaint to the authority for animal control, take photographs proves of the injury wounds from a dog bite, and then get immediate medical care for the injury. Depending on how serious are the injuries caused by the dog bite, a lawyer with experience can help you to make a claim and receive the proper financial compensation. 

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